Research Reports

The following are the published Research Reports on BRKA by various brokerage houses.

Paine Webber


  • BRKA – Recent Rally Puts Investing in Buffett Out of Reach for Now – 7th January, 2008
  • BRKA – Correcting EPS Estimates and Target Price – 9th January, 2008
  • BRKA – No Magic in Swiss Re Deal for Berkshire Investors – 24th January, 2008
  • BRKA – A Strong Finish to 2007, No New Surprises – 24th March, 2008
  • BRKA – A Closed-End Mutual Fund or a Charitable Endowment – 14th April, 2008
  • BRKA – Consistent 2Q08 Earnings Amidst Market Uncertainty – 20th August, 2008
  • BRKA – Lack of Near-Term Market Confidence in Annual Letter – 1st March, 2009
  • BRKA – Wrestling with the Bear Market Blues – 16th March, 2009
  • BRKA – Thoughts on the Annual Meeting and 1Q09 EPS Results – 11th May, 2009

Barclays Capital

  • BRKA – 25th October, 2010
  • BRKA – Initiating Coverage – 12th April, 2010

Matt Pauls

  • BRKAResearch Report – 12th April, 2010


2 Responses to Research Reports

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  2. matt says:

    If you wouldn’t mind, please consider updating my report with this document:
    There was a typo on the first page that was corrected long ago. You are welcome re-upload the newer version to your scribed account as well.



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