Timeless and Time-Tested Warren Buffett Predictions

As a new year approaches, it is customary for journalists to make predictions about the future.

In keeping with Buffett’s long-term way of looking at things, Warren Buffett Watch offers eight predictions that are intentionally on the ‘timeless’ side of the prognostication spectrum.

In keeping with what’s becoming a holiday tradition, they are the same set of predictions we’ve offered for the past two years.  We still stand by them.

With that in mind, here are Warren Buffett Watch’s ‘timeless’ predictions.

  1. Recessions can’t be avoided forever.
  2. We’ll survive current and future recessions just as we’ve survived past problems.
  3. Recessions will create opportunities.
  4. All stocks won’t be cheap.
  5. The crowd will make mistakes.
  6. Investors will mistakenly think falling stock prices are bad
  7. Good times will prompt bad decisions.
  8. There will be more dancing at another wild party followed by another painful hangover


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One Response to Timeless and Time-Tested Warren Buffett Predictions

  1. striker says:

    Great timeless guidelines. I say guidelines since they teach more that they predict and one can become an aware buyer (or sometimes seller) if adhere to these guidelines.

    Liked the last one specially.

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